Create Your Unique Message


Create your unique, relevant voice that will define your political campaign and align your message with voters and donors!


I have created a one-day intensive or a six week (1 hour per week) messaging program to help you discover your unique voice and message, from wherever you are in the United States.


How Does the Program Work?

With over four years of non-profit fundraising experience and an additional twelve years of entrepreneurial experience in digital marketing, I have created a system to help you learn how you are different, interesting, relevant, compelling and interesting to your voters and donors.

Together, we will answer the following questions together in depth about your business:

  1. What problems are you passionate about solving?
  2. Tangible Values - Why do people vote for you or give to your campaign, and how do they feel about it?
  3. Why do people vote for you or give to your campaign?
  4. Who, "specifically", are your voters and donors?

This process is perfect for:

  • Politicians
  • Campaign Managers
  • Campaign communication directors


Clients meet via Skype all over the United States.

If you want to learn more, fill out the form below and get a free, 30-minute consultation with me. I will offer you some free insights and there is never a commitment or obligation. I will email you to schedule a time to talk by either phone or Skype.