About Don Purdum

Pequea Township resident since August 2013

U.S. Navy and PA Army National Guard (Chaplain) veteran

Digital Marketing Consultant for small business, Republican politicians, and the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University

Entrepreneur of 7 businesses since 2005

Author of two books on digital marketing

Speaker at national and local events

Radio show host from 2012-2014

Current student at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University

Vice-President of SALUTE – National Veterans Honor Society

Graduate of Lancaster Bible College

Attended both Westminster Theological Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary

Married to my amazing wife Nicole since July 1993. We have two sons (17 and 23 years old)


In May of 2018, I won the Republican primary with 69% of the total vote and was unopposed in the November 2018 general election to serve on the new five-member board for five years.

I took the Oath of Office in December 2018 and began my first term in January 2019. I’m honored to serve on the board as Chairman, Road Crew Liaison, and Legal Liaison.

I am a lover of modern politics and early American history. For the last ten years, I have made it a priority to learn as much as possible about our founding history and a deep appreciation for both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

My experiences in the military, business, and historical studies of our country have brought me to a belief that the best government is the one that is:

  • Responsive to citizens
  • Transparent
  • Limited in power, scope, and size

As the Chairman of the Board, I want to give you my own personal perspective and updates. That is why I started this website.


Six-Point Vision for Pequea Township

Below is my six-point vision that I'm hoping the Board of Supervisors will work with me on and a list of some accomplishments since the new board was installed on January 7th:


#1 - Bring common sense and bold leadership to our local government

In 2018 as a candidate, I witnessed a lack of processes and systems that led to communication breakdowns, inefficiencies, and infighting. We have already passed resolutions that bring some order to how we do business including how we organize our board meeting agendas and how we spend taxpayer dollars.


#2 - Reduce our legal fees back to 2015 levels

Legal fee spending has been a progression due to a host of reasons. The bottom line is that in 2015 legal spending was approximately $25,000 and was around the statistical norm since 2005.

Since then:

This is unsustainable. We still have legal issues that are a carry-over from 2018 and our 2019 numbers will be very uncomfortable for me. My goal is to see reductions beginning in 2020 and to that end, I will fight hard to control this area of our spending as learn more about what caused this issue.


#3 - Get our spending under control

In 2018, I learned of several areas we spent money that perhaps we should not have. During the budget workshops, I heard comments such as, "when we get a windfall" we will have more money than is reflected in the budget. Relying on something you cannot count on is not wise or prudent. For the 2019 budget, Township Supervisors created a $127,000 budget deficit. To make it up and balance, they had to transfer money from reserves.

This is an unsustainable situation.


#4 - Create a realistic plan for our road maintenance and repairs

Drive around the 37miles of our township roads and you will see problems everywhere. This year, we have $200,000+ dollars from PennDot into our State Highway Fund for projects on part of Penn Grant and Erb Ave., but it doesn't come close to what we need. Due to the budget constraints in the general fund, there is no money again this year for our roads.

I will be working with our road crew to build a new five-year plan and bring it back to the Board for input and suggestions. It's my goal to have our Board have complete buy-in to any plan that is created.


#5 - Build strong relationships amongst the various boards and our employees

There has been a lot of turmoil the last few years. Just one example, our road crew decided they needed to unionize. I do not fault them, nor do I like that they felt they had to do so. As road crew liaison, I'm working hard to provide them with what they need to do their jobs. That doesn't just mean money. It means communication, building trust, and learning to work together. We are off to a great start and I hope we can build on this initial momentum.

Additionally, it has been too long since there were fun activities between all of the boards and staff. Serving the community is hard work. However, it can also be rewarding. We need to take time throughout the year to enjoy one another's company and celebrate the victories.


#6 - Empower community involvement

We have a lot on our plate in 2019. However, as we look to 2020 I would like to see us create opportunities for the community to get involved. We will think about and, hopefully, plan some events that everyone will want to come out and have some fun in 2020.


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