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Big Government Liberalism is a Failure and Must Be Stopped

Episode 2 Show Notes   Big Government Liberalism has failed. While many politicians have good intentions, the outcome of their policies has been disastrous. The ultimate outcome of big government policies has led to imprisoning those whom they intended to serve. While providing for every need (health care, shelter, food, etc), individuals and families became […]


A Look Back at America’s Challenges and Ahead to a Hopeful Future

There have been moments throughout American history where people thought the future looked bleak for some and bright for others. Despite our many differences and apparent political contradictions as a nation, we have been served well when we argue and bicker over our freedoms and rights. In this article, I want to show you a […]


7 Ways Democrats are Setting Themselves Up for Failure

Since the election of Donald Trump, liberal Democrats have been setting the party up for failure. While those of us who watched and listened closely over the years knew exactly who they were, the majority of Americans and dare I say even Democrats, didn’t have any idea. In the 2008 Presidential election, then Presidential Candidate […]


The Truth About Illegal Immigration May Shock You

Just yesterday, the Secretary of Homeland Security issued new orders regarding illegal immigration. While it’s a first step, to say that the US immigration system is broken is no surprise to anyone. However, there a few things about illegal immigration you may not know that affect you, your family, and the immigrants who come here […]


Understanding the Mindset of a Trump Supporter

Why did Donald Trump win the Republican nomination and ultimately the President of the United States? It was never supposed to happen. He was labeled a joke, incompetent, and in spite of all the politicians or media said, his support only grew stronger with those who ultimately put him in office. Who are these people […]